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01 April 2014

Busted Sub, Part 7: Annoyances and solutions to them.

First, some non-whiny work was done. Then some whinyness will ensue. Be prepared.

Since I don't know when I will be able to utilize my friend's lathe again and being enthralled with the "rigid collar" idea and having been directed by an knowledgeable person as to a possible workable compromise, I ordered a small set of step drills from Amazon. I may review the set at a later date.

Here we go!
 I used this to open of the holes in the subrame to a consistent diameter:
 Why? So I can just make use of one type of simple flanged sleeve bearing (part number 6338K466 from McMaster-Carr) after some drilling and possibly reaming of the hole hole. Is it ideal? No, but I'm OK with that for now.

Next I got the "new" EX spindles out and took off the dust shields by grinding the head of the screws off since I have no idea where my impact driver has gotten to.

 Then I dropped one into my blasting cabinet:

And promptly found that I couldn't see jack. I usually lift whatever I am working on close to the window in order to see, but the spindle was very, very awkward to do that with. I located my small shop vac and got that hooked up to the vent:
And that helped a LOT until the prefilter:

 and filter clogged the heck up and I was running out of light so I just said screw it and packed everything up:

 As you can see, I didn't get too far:
 All the bits and pieces are now at a shop a friend recommended for powder coating. They will finish blasting and coat everything by Saturday. It's not cheap, but, this is the best darn way to take care of the whole thing at one time pretty much permanently.

I can now concentrate on cleaning up the steering rack and
organizing the parts to get ready to slap everything back together, maybe as soon as this weekend. Exciting times, eh?

The bronze flange bushings aren't exactly what I am looking for, but they are cheap enough and readily available enough to try, so I will. If they don't work, it isn't the end of the world, but I figure I can try them and see what happens. It's not like they will cause anything to fall off (that wasn't ready to fall off in the first place). I am also curious as to weather or not I'd be able to tell a differences between the flanged bushings and the aluminum pieces I will eventually make. If I can, you will certainly hear about it. If I can't, then everyone has a cheap mod!