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13 April 2014

Busted Sub, Part 11: Slow and steady makes a Beaver frustrated.

Today I seemed very, very busy. Today I also seemed to not get a whole lot actually done. Oh well. Any progress is good at this point.

I got the upper control arms built:

I got these mounting doohickies on clearance from rockauto:
 No, I don't really NEED the camber adjustability, but, they were cheap and are more solid than normal bushings, so I figured I'd give them a try.

I really love these MOOG ball joints:
  I have a set in my Legend. They are built beefy and the adjustability is just a bonus, especially for the price that I got them at.

They are also even greaseable:
 The grease fitting is removed and a small bolt plugs the hole.

I was starting to cruise right along until I ran into this:
 A bolt on the passenger side a-arm was seized to the bushing. I couldn't get it apart. I tried a bunch of different stuff, gave up, and almost accidentally found a spare in my pile of bolts. 

The new mounting doohockies where a bit too wide for the arms, so I buzzed them down with a flap wheel:

Then I slapped everything together for both sides:
So I bolted in the a-arms but was kinda wondering why there were spacers of some sort on the mounting bolts. They left a gap like this:

 I took them off and liked what I saw much better:

Next came cleaning up and "rebuilding" the steering rack. It wasn't too terrible when I started:
 At least on the outside. I think the REB (rack end bushing) needed to be replaced:

I had to press out the metal bushing from the rack mount points:

 Those suckers were a pain to get out!

And I manged to get one of them stuck in the socket I was using to back the rack:

I couldn't knock it out from the backside, as it was the same ID as the through hole of the socket:
 I had to mess with that for a while but managed to get it out.

Then I took a wire brush to the outside of the rack to clean it up:
 Still had some odd corners that are crusty:

The REB took forever to replace. It was just not cooperating at all. After that I was running out of light. I attempted to ream out the bronze flange bushings I bought from McMaster-Carr. The bushings were soft and, well, doing it by hand just led to the reamer going through crooked:

 So . . . that's not going to happen. Oh well.