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11 April 2014

Another quick update: A vise for the mill has been purchased!

Sometimes I have very conflicted feelings about eBay. I both love it and hate its seductive powers.

For your consideration:

Eventually the link will expire, but, eh.

Pay attention to the shipping weight. Yeah. It's that heavy. It's so heavy, the seller has to ship it in two boxes.

Now, I am betting you are thinking why in the world I would want something so huge, right? It's got to be a pain to move around. Isn't it too heavy for the mill?

Well, if this was a normal mill, sure, but this mill has a maximum weight capacity of over 600 pounds!

Sure, moving it around is going to be a pain when I move the mill, but, it's at my work where we have fork lifts and overhead cranes. =)

Also, with a vise this large, it makes for a perfect platform to do nearly everything. I have used a 6" mill vise before on the Bridgeport mill I learned on and I definitely ran out of capacity on it even with that lightweight mill and the smaller work that I did on that mill.

The big kicker is that the new version of this vise (this model is no longer made) sells for over $1400. Here's an example: Kurt D810 8" Vise You can plainly see how much I paid for the vise I won and I think I got a good deal, especially since I paid less for this than many Kurt 6" vices on eBay or locally!

This is one big step towards using the mill. The last big step is tool holding, but that will wait until I get tires for my CRX next week. Yay!