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23 April 2014

Busted Sub, part 13.1: Steering rack is finally bolted in.

The paint dried yesterday, but I had some other stuff to take care of so I couldn't get the rack bolted in. I took care of that tonight. I am living the "What about Bob?" plan: babysteps. heh

It's together!

It fits pretty darn well. I had to loosen the bolts on the other side and wiggle everything around a bit to center the bushing(s), but I think that will do nicely. For a change.

Now for the bad news that always seems to crop up:

My new inner tie rods (that I bought a LONG time ago) don't come with new lockwashers, so now I either have to try to save the old ones from my original rack or get new ones and wait . . . Ugh. UGH!

Whatever. Progress is still progress.