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19 April 2014

TOS FA3V Mill Kurt D80 8" vise is complete!

What a mouthful, but, well, it is what it is. And it is HUGE! And it is COMPLETE! And it is FUNCTIONAL!

Here are most of the rest of the parts to the vise:

Shiny jaw face:
There is one dink in the jaw face:

I needed to clean up the threads on the leadscrew:
 I took a wirebrush to the threads and they cleaned right up.

This is the slightly complicated bit:

 The upper part is the moveable jaw for the vise. The lower part is what locks the jaw in place. I'll explain that a bit more later.

I cleaned up the bottom of the fixed jaw:
 What a pleasure to even clean everything. When something is this well finished, even cleaning it is a pleasure!

I had to seperate the lower part from the moveable jaw via this setscrew:
 Also, I detest using styrofoam to pack things, unless the foam is somehow contained. I detest the little bits of foam getting into everything. They are staticky and cling to everything. What a nuisance.

Pull the set screw out:
 This is where the setscrew bumps the bottom block into place:
 Not very much damage for the years of service this thing put in. Then again, the set screw just needs to be snugged up and not honked on.

Here is the lower block in place:
 The angled part hooks into the moveable jaw and pushes the jaw towards the fixed jaw both pulling the bottom block up against the ways of the base and pushing the jaws together on whatever you are clamping.

Fresh grease:

I plopped the fixed jaw into place:

Then came the scary part:
 I had to stick the vise off the end of the table a bit in order to fit the two large 1/2" hex cap head screws through the base up into the fixed jaw.

This is the only "oops" on the bottom block:
 It is unusual to have that part escape so much typical scaring.

After I had the fixed jaw in place, I realized that the lead screw needed to be installed first!

I took everything back apart, recleaned and greased:

This is the locking collar for the leas screw:
 I cleaned that up as best I could and greased it up, tightening the setscrew to hold everything in place.

I finally got to plop the moveable jaw down onto the vise:
Tightening the locking set screw keeps everything in place. I think that the only thing I don't like about this vise is there is no sort of cover for the leadscrew. Keeping chips out of there would be a good thing. 

Sure, there is minor milling on the moveable jaw body, but I don't mind that much at all. The faces are the most important thing, and they are in nearly perfect shape.

It opens and closes smoothly and seems to clamp down excellently. I am very much looking forward to being able to use the darn thing!