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29 March 2014

Busted Sub, Part 6: Incompletion and Frustration

After work, I headed over to my friend Dave's place to knock out some lathe work. Everything started well. I got to work by grinding a tool for the bronze (which needs a sharper tip to the tool than many other materials) and started dialing in the machine. If you will excuse my phone being an utter retard and flipping this video, I did take a short video but it got flipped to vertical video. I hate vertical video. Anyway, here's the video:

Edit: The video should be fixed soon. Man, I hate vertical video.

This is a rough cut with the speed actually much too low. Everything smoothed out when I slowed down the feed a tad and cranked the speed up a lot.

I was cutting it dry. I suppose I could have used some oil, but this was cutting so well, and you can see finish here:

Bling, bling:

This is where I ended for the day:
Those are the four bushings for the shift linkage yoke. As you can see, they are not drilled or reamed. The shoulders are also not faced to spec. So why aren't they done? I had to leave the premises in a rush for reasons of irrationality. That's basically all I'm going to say about the situation.

So, I won't be having any cool self-machined parts on my CRX for a while. I'll just be slapping everything together as soon as the weather breaks.