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27 April 2014

Busted Sub, Part 14: I am currently the largest, best idiot in the automotive world.

I'll just get this over with:

Two right hand spindles.

Yeah. I'm that dumb. *sighs* The friend who sent them to me has the two left spindles. *shakes head* I'm really tired of this at this point. I have a plan and it is being executed.

Anyway, I did get a lot done over the weekend.

The subframe was bolted in:

I did put one side of the bronze flanged bushings in:
 I think that they will work very well. There was certainly much less slop in how the subframe mounted up.

I got these from a friend:
 Gotta love in the bag new Honda parts! (This is the the steering rack boot part number.)

Bolted in the new inner tie rods:
 Lower control arm, shock/spring/fork:
 One of the collars was rust frozen to the radius rod in an odd position:
 I used a flap wheel to take the collar down to the OD of the machined section of the rod, but notice the gap between the end of the machined part and the collar. Yes, there was a washer there (I beat the snot out of it trying to loosen the collar up, but only succeeded in busting the washer off), but there was still about a 1/8" gap. I am sure that couldn't have been good for suspension symmetry.

I finally got the collar off with a cold chisel and a couple of good whacks:

Then cleaned everything up as best I could with a wire wheel:
 I wanted to clean up the threads with an M12x1.25 die, but could not find it so in it went as is.

Then I got busy with the other side:

Here's another shot from underneath:

It's springtime, so take the time to notice the beauty around you: