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17 April 2014

Some silliness from work, AKA: Stupid things engineers design

This is for you, Remo.

The terrible fitup with all my darn locking clamps:
 What? That doesn't look so bad, right? Should be simple.

Flange size mismatch:

After tacking:

This gets flipped so it is flat. (We don't do anything anything but flat with our machines. They run way too hot for anything else. heh)

And it is hot dipped galvanized. Sure, we grind off as much as we can, but, well, you know how that goes.

I don't have any pics of them finished, but they were just ugly and the inspector wants the welds cut back to the flange (basically trimming the runoff on the backup bar) which is really dumb, but whatever. As long as he doesn't change his mind about that, IDGAF.