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06 April 2014

Busted Sub, Part 9: ARG!

Today was both progressive and incredibly frustrating. Blah.

I pull my spindles out of the plastic wrap that the powdercoaters used to protect my suspension pieces to find this:
 They didn't take the tape off the inside of the spindle. *sighs*

After some gentle persuasion, it cleaned up decently:
 WD40 and gentle application of a wire brush save the day!

So then I get to pressing in the wheel bearing:
 Using one of the balance shaft bearings from a F-series Honda (leftover from a balance shaft delete I did a while back), I got the bearing pressed in easily enough.

I had to get creative and actually found a use for some cheap eBay spring sleeves:
 Oddly enough, they fit perfectly on the back of the spindle!

Don't do this:
 It just presses the bearing right out. LOL!

I used the bar across the top and that worked very well.

Another view showing how well the sleeve stuff fit:

All squished together nicely:

Snapring in place:

Next up was pressing in the new studs:

 I was trying to not ruin the fresh coating, but, well:

I was so focused on that, it took until AFTER I pressed the second stud in to realize that I was pressing them in upside down. *sighs* What a maroon . . .

One POSITIVE thing to note in this picture:
Is that my hands and fingers are not between anything. I am fairly sensitive to press safety since my father has lost parts of two fingers to presses/punches. I wear safety glasses always. I never put my fingers where they could get squished. If you have to reach into someplace not safe, use tools or just don't do it.

Something else strange happened. Threads got boogered up:
 It turns out that the threads were hitting a lip on the inside of the socket I was using for a spacer on the underside. I ruined three new studs before I realized what was happening. ARG!

I did finally get everything pressed in:

I then go to press a hub in

And I promptly ruin a bearing:

I thought that I had enough coverage on the sleeve with the inner race of the bearing, but it wasn't enough:
 The edge rolled over and the bearing went completely out of whack. Time to order another bearing. *le sigh*

I'll see if I can find something better to support the bearing. I'll get the rest of the stuff pressed together and start installing tomorrow after work, or at least that is the plan.