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06 November 2012



I did. I don't care if you are jaded or opposed to the politics of the day.
I don't care if you don't think your vote matters.
It WILL in this election, even if it matters more for your local representatives than the president.
I don't even care for whom you vote.
I already voiced my choice by voting. If you agree with me, vote for winning! If you disagree with me, vote to make your voice heard! Either way: VOTE!

VOTE if you believe in the freedom to choose who represents you in government.
VOTE if you believe that you can make a difference in the world.
VOTE if you want to change the direction of the country, your state and your city/town.
VOTE even if it is inconvenient.
VOTE if you don't have power at home.
VOTE even if you have to hitch a ride to the polls.
VOTE if you want to make a stand for something.
VOTE if you believe that this country is capable of pulling out of the current downward spiral.

Just go and VOTE. There are no valid excuses except if you are laying in bed a step away from death. My 80 something year old grandmother went to vote. She can barely walk down the stairs of the front of the house. If you have to ask for a ride, ask! If you have to call a taxi, call! If you have to hitch a ride, stick out a thumb!

If you are able to vote and do not, you are choosing to accept the consequences of the election by acquiescence. You should be ashamed of yourself for being too lazy, too jaded or too callous to actually take action that can and does have direct consequences that will effect how you live, work, act, earn, spend and choose.

This will be my only political post. I avoid "discussion" things on FB or mostly online because it is generally stupid. But this goes beyond who I voted for or even what I believe. The fact of the matter is that you matter. Your vote matters. You can actually effect the fate of the entire world because the USofA still matters. The people in the government of the US still matter.

Just vote!