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21 April 2014

Busted Sub, Part 13: Modifying the rack bracket

As I found out yesterday, the power steering rack is thicker than the manual rack, which alters the mounting points for the rack quite a bit. On with the fixin'!

I found some steel in my pile o' crap and cut it and cleaned it to fit in the end of the of the manual rack bracket:

I welded it to the bracket:

I also rosette welded the original hole and ran some passes to thicken up the overhang on the piece I added:
 Rounded the edges:
 Flattened the bottom:

I measured the hole spacing and found that the hole centers are 83mm apart. I used my calipers to transfer marks and then centerpunched the bracket:

I drilled a pilot hole and could only find my 3/8" drill bit, which was a bit too small for the bolts, so I used one of my uni-bits to open up the hole so the bolt fit through:

Then, of course, is the test fit:

Ready for paint:
I hit it with VHT chassis epoxy. It is drying in the basement. We'll see how it turns out tomorrow. It was windy. I probably have a run or two, but I am not going to really care about that since it is under the car. heh.