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05 March 2016

Funky-Fresh Fab: Under the gun, lots of final things in the final push before Daytona

Pushing towards Daytona! Lots of little things had to get done to get the car running and rolling.

Here's how the interior was shaping up:

 The dash was painted, the Traqmate system was installed, the accusump and most of the wiring was completed.

For some reason, the Hytech header O2 sensor bung was placed so it pointed directly at bodywork, so, I added a new bung on the opposite side:

The interior was a bit crusty:

But I cleaned it up as best I can:

Ed wrapped the header since it seems to have been built for a stock pan, and with the Moroso it was actually touching header.

Next up in the front tow hook mount:
 Let's scribe some lines:
 And make some cuts, but not all the way through:

 And then lets bend it:
 Why am I doing this? Ed decided that the best place to mount the tow hook was high on the roll cage sticking out the front window!
 The cuts allow the plate to bend around the cage tube.

Cleaning up for the welding, and protecting all the wiring (the ECU was right below where I was welding!):

I love it when welds look this good:

 To prevent deflection at other then parallel pulling forces, I added in a simple plate:

 This works super well! The hoop barely moves.

Ed made a heat shield for the header since it comes really close to the radiator:

Another fast fab mini project:

Mounting the passenger side pull handle for the fire suppression system:

And then I knocked out some mods to the sway bar end links:

Now something that was just dumb and frustrating and eventually caused a lot of headache at the runoffs:

If you install the upper radiator hose, how is the hose to the overflow bottle supposed to fit?

The first thought was to just weld on this nipple:
 But that didn't work out well . . . So plan B:

That worked well . . . until the track, but that is another story.