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13 April 2014

Busted Sub, Part 10: Finally some progress!

Yesterday after work my new new bearing came, so I set about getting the spindles together and I actually accomplished that!

First things first: Since I boogered up the last bearing, I decided to make a nice supporting plate for the bearing to prevent that from happening again. I took the eBay spring collar to work, traced out a circle of the right size and cut out a disc "generously" but not tooooo sloppily:

 Not terrible, but it definitely needed some trimming to fit in the recess and support the backside ofthe bearing.

After a while carefully grinding with my favorite 4.5" grinder:
 That's much better! It just barely fits through the recess for the bearing!

Here it is in place on top of the sleeve:

 Pressing complete:

 One spindle down, one to go!

Now on to less pleasant things . . . The spindle with the boogered bearing and cocked hub. I was at a loss for a while trying to figure out how to get the hub out, at least without scratching the nicely powedercoated surfaces. Yeah, pretty parts can be a real pain at times. I am not used to handling pretty parts, so this took a while.  After ruling out beating the hub out with a hammer like I did the first time I took the hubs out, I figured out I could stand my arbor plates on end thusly:

Honda was so smart:
 That flat boss is in the same plane as the brake caliper mounting tabs! That creates a stable mounting plane, which I used to press out the hub! AWESOME!

That left me with this:

The real pain in the but came in taking off the inner race stuck to the hub. This was cocked pretty hardcore to the side. I couldn't fit the plates I had under the race and keep it safely set up on the press, so I went back to my pulley puller setup. 
 This took a long time. I cranked on the drive pin, then took a smaller hammer and tapped the race. Note I did not say I bashed it like a caveman. I tapped it. Tapping it causes a slight amount of plastic deformation, which, after a long time of applying pressure and tapping all the way around the circumference brought the race back to straight and then it pulled off pretty easily.

I think I cranked on the thing pretty hard:
 That took way too long, but, it worked without damaging anything. It was later, so I didn't want to be using my grinder with a cutoff wheel. That would have been the quickest way, I know, but, I do try to be courteous to our decent neighbors. (That's a concept lost by all the )(*#$(*#$ that have moved onto the block in the past 5-10 years.)

I got the snapring out and proceeded to press out the old bearing:
 Once I got it to the point you see above (the bearing was basically even with the opposite side of the spindle), I used a socket and hammer to pop it out.

Then I pressed in the new bearing and hub!
DONE! Finally. Now on to putting all this stuff into my CRX. Finally.