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17 August 2012

The first cut is the hardest. (Not necessarily the deepest . . . )

As an aside from the really gross crap I'm dealing with the rest of my day, I took a break and made the first cut in what will be many for Pete's custom twin scroll turbo manifold.

The manifold is being made from 1.5" Stainless Steel Schedule 40 pipe and bends (also knows as weld els, short for elbows). In the above pic, you can see that I cut a 45* cast elbow in half (it is very nearly actually a perfect cut). I forgot to grab a pic of why I did this, but basically, I wanted to minimize the transition angle between two runners of the exhaust, in this case, #2 and #3, and make accessing the bolts for the flange and engine mount easier. This leads me into thinking I really need to write up an article on handling and welding Stainless, as it is far, far different than dealing with normal steels, even to the point of requiring special markers so as to prevent corrosion.

I spent a bit of time cleaning up the saw cut, which you can see the "as cut" finish here:

 And here is the finished part:

Why go through the extra step when the saw cut is fine? Because Stainless. The basics of Stainless are:

PREPARATION! A good plan solves many issues before they start.
CLEANLINESS! It is NEVER too clean.
FITMENT! Perfect is not an option.
BACKPURGING! If you want it to last.

I'll definitely have to work on an article . . . And I just added that to my to-do list for next week.