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17 August 2012

Cleaning the Chrysler, Part 4

And . . . another annoying day.

I had to drive around to a few different parts stores to find valve cover gaskets, and none of the stores had assembly lube. AAAARG! I didn't want to put the new rockers on the shafts dry, so I bit the bullet and got some moly based grease.

One of the last things I had to do was clean up the valve cover mating surfaces, which proved to be . . . annoying, especially on the rear head. This is what I was trying to clean up:

I had a modicum of success with the SaferScraper by Permatex makers of LocTite and other useful things. 

Why bother with that? I don't like using razor blades. They are dangerous for your hands, dangerous for what you are scraping, and I've found not very good at actually scrapping not exactly even surfaces or really, really nasty stuff like what is baked on to this horrendous engine. I saw this today and figured I would take a chance. I'll be given an in depth review soon. It is good for some things and not for others.

I used something else I don't care for, but had little choice: Brillo. With lemon scent. heh I sprayed the whole pad down with WD40 and that actually worked really well. I don't like using it since it is VERY easy to loose little strands of the wool into the engine . . . But I did what needed to be done. With this engine, there isn't much that can get any worse . . .

I didn't get any other pictures of the work on the engine because it was getting dark and started to rain. I have the front valve cover ready to button up and some other things back on the engine. I am hoping to finish getting it back together tomorrow afternoon.