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13 August 2012

Finally, a dang update.

Yes, I know it has been too long. Yes, I have been working. Some of it has been stuff I am not going to post about, other stuff you'll see in bit as soon as I upload the photos into separate posts for each subject.

A new acquisition:

It doesn't look like much in size or function, but it's actually a nice little bit of kit called an Arduino Nano microcontroler board. The board has an ATMEL microprocessor, a switch, LED, power supply and a bunch of digital and analog inputs/outputs. There is a whole lot this thing can do, if you program it correctly, and I intend to learn how to do just that for a variety of purposes.

I also bought a "shield" for the Nano board which allows for easier access and a few additional things which I might explain at some point in time if I actually use them. 

Here's how they fit together:

Another view with the Nano seated all the way:

Input/output (I/O) power and ground. 

So far, I've played around with the onboard LED and have been learning how non-linear LEDs can be when it comes to manipulating light output. It's interesting, but pretty boring stuff. I'll be picking up a bunch of electronic components next week from a dude on craiglist who has a bunch of stuff to give away free, including possibly some scrap metal. I always like to pick up scrap metal! 

In order to do more stuff with this thing, I need to pick up some transistors, switches, pots (potentiometers), LEDs, resistors circuit boards and maybe even a breadboard for prototyping circuits. I've got some fun stuff in mind. I have no idea if I can pull it off, but it will be fun trying and I'll learn a heck of a lot!