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14 August 2012

Blog administrative notes.

Hi, all! I'd like to inform you readers of a few changes I am making to hopefully make it easier for you to follow the blog, if you so choose. I've recently added this profile to Google+, and then added the ability to follow the blog with G+ (I think) on the sidebar. I've also added RSS feeds on the sidebar, too.

I'll be setting up a G+ "page" soon, as well as possibly creating a profile on FB for the blog. Why? Because people complain (rightly so) that the email system is not working for them. I highly dislike FB and G+ (along with most social media) but if it makes it easier for people to keep tabs on the blog, why not? Even with my off month on July due to a confluence of utter poo in my life, I still managed a readership number that suggests there are enough people who regularly read through my stuff or stumble on it via web searches that I'd like to make it easier for people to follow along in the adventure.

I will also be posting smaller updates, with each subject getting it's own update. This will enable easier searching and less scrolling through gigantor updates. This will also be more appropriate since I hope to delve into a wider variety of things than just metal fabrication, as I may start doing tool reviews or how-tos in the future. I hope this will make things easier for people. If you have any advice or feedback either way, please comment below!

And, THANKS FOR READING this drivel. It's nice to see that it is appreciated.