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14 August 2012

Chrysler cleaning, Part 1.

Some of you may recall these horrific images:

(That is a valve stem poking through a rocker, evidently a common thing for a Chrysler V6.)
(That's just a scoop of the sludge inside the engine . . . EW!)

I started cleaning up the hardware and put together a new set of rockers and shafts:

 Look at this crappy design! The rocker arms just rub on each other . . .
 and stand a good chance of hitting the rocker shaft bolt assembly.
The only thing I can see that keeps them aligned are the pushrods. WTF, Chrysler. W . . . T . . . F . . .

I had also spent some time trying to clean up one of the valve covers . . . I have to get some better cleaning agents. What a gross, sticky disgusting mess. It took me 2 hours to carefully clean up all the hardware for one bank of the engine. I probably could have done it faster, but still . . . taking that long to clean up some bolts and bits? Ew. This is why regular oil changes are important, even if the engine sucks (like this one does)