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14 March 2014

King Sandblaster Reigns! (Not Supreme, but reigns, nonetheless.)

I did some more sandblasting after work today. YAY! I finished the second FUCA (Front Upper Control Arm), then decided to see how well this thing handled crustier stuff. Enter my Hf manifold I've never cared a lick about aside from how it bolts in between the head and the turbo and usually directs exhaust gases into the turbo. 

This is how we started out:

 Typical trusty, crusty cast iron.

After a couple of minutes playing around:

 I then realized I was burning daylight and had better things to do with my time, related to my front suspension. Enter one of the hubs, clean for your consideration:

 The front side is clean, at least. I have to finish the backside.

Notice the tape around the hub stub:
 I don't want to blast the precision machined surface that fits into the bearing. It is already very clean and doesn't need the tolerances changed a bit.

I've been tweaking the setup of the cabinet as I've gone along. Having eliminated all the leaks I can without getting really retarded (and I do need a new hose as the hose is leaking, too, darnit), the only problem I have with blasting continuously is keeping the end of the media feed tube buried.

To that end, and since I nearly always am holding the piece I am blasting closer to the cloudy, sand/dust covered plastic "viewing" shield, I took out the grate:
 This let me use my hands in the gloves to scoop the media over the end of the media feed tube much more easily, and this made blasting a heck of a lot faster.

I am wondering if grounding the cover would help at all. I am pretty sure that most of the issue is static cling.

Finally, this is a for reference shot of the other hub which is about as crusty as the other hub started out:
I totally <3 sandblasting.