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11 March 2014

Mr. Clean ain't got nothin' on MY magic eraser!

So at the end of last year, I bought this:

That is a small sandblasting cabinet. It is sold by all the cheap tool stores. I figured that as long as it worked halfway correctly, I'd be better off using it than wasting blasting media all over the back yard at the house. So, yesterday after work, I got it set up and tried it out with my two small/too small compressors and had at one of my front upper control arms. 

Ok, first I actually finished off this dust ring:

As you can see, it worked. I've got the cabinet filled with HF aluminum oxide media. You'll also observe that the box does leak some around the corners, but honestly not much and not the horrific amount that claimed by many online reviewers. 

So, what do I mean by two too small compressors? 

That is the area removed with one charge from one of the compressors. Is it slow going? Yes, but it works! 

I'll get more pics of the process and progress I make over the next few days if weather permits.