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23 March 2014

Busted Sub, Part Duex: It's all gone!

Well, the suspension anyway.

A few pics, as promised, though belated:

 Those are likely the original radius rod bushings. They were so very squishy when I was taking them off. I bet just replacing these would make the car feel a heck of a lot better!

Suspension gone:
 My CRX has never had this much suspension removed at one time. Never.

Last pic:
All the ball joints are trashed now. They weren't before. (I check them and many other things pretty regularly.)

A friend is going to help me source a subframe locally. I really don't want to have to pull the suspension and everything else off of a junkyard car, at a junkyard, with it stacked awkwardly and unsafely as many things are at junkyards.

I slept in today, as it is my one day to do so now that work is back to 6 days a week. I'm either borrowing my mom's CRV or will hitch a ride with my dad. (He works for the same company a couple towns over, so it isn't ideal, but it's feasible to hitch a ride with him for a bit.) I am going to do this as correctly as I can, even if it takes some time, as I know that I will never be happy if I just slap crap back together, as I would never want to take it all apart to fix it again. So, I'll be doing this right from the get go. Yay.