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19 September 2012

Workbench Wackiness

Taking a pile of lumber and turning it into something useful is NOT my forte. My design has been criticized. Just wait until the execution is seen. LOL!

I set up a work station using one of the top sheets of plywood and some saw horses:

I pulled up the drawing on SketchUp:

And started cutting:
I marked everything "WB1" and "WB2" for the work bench 1 and 2.

Many much more cuts:

Notching the support beams:

Starting assembly:

Frame mostly intact:

Got the top sheet on:

. . . with a gap:

It's not perfect, but, honestly, I really don't like working with wood, so I think this is pretty good for a first time building something. I've already got stuff figured out how to make it nicer for the next workbench that will get finished up tomorrow.

Here it is in place:

Anthony grabbed my vise and sat it on the corner saying, "NOW it is a workbench." heh

I don't think that the vise will go there, but we'll see. heh

One less than ideal thing about the garage is water infiltration:

We just have to be careful what goes on the floors. I want to see what is driving the water coming in. Anthony said it is only rain AND wind that seems to cause issues, but I'll take dealing with this over not having a work space. heh