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16 September 2012

New digs.

I've gotten 99% of everything moved. It's totally a mess. You'll see!

This is the left bay of a two bay garage:

Wood for the new workbench:

Simple stuff, really. One sheet of birch ply ripped in half, one 2x6x12' and a bunch of 2x4x16' sticks:

My stuff taking over the right bay, for now:

Most of the stuff on the floor is mine. The shelves are filled with Anthony's stuff.

I've been slowly acquiring more clamps, and while I am going to be modifying this rack thing, it is useful to house everything for now:

We're going to find a place to move the bikes and tires someplace else for now:

And I got my TIG unit wired directly to the breaker box with a 30A breaker, which is way more than I'll likely ever need with the efficient machine I have:

That's it. Lots more organizing to do, a workbench to build, and more paying work to do/finish this week.