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27 September 2012


More layout! I figured out how to use the 4" wide cuts of the 3/16" plate to make the swing arm support plates:

I make too many mistakes to point out, but I happened to get a pic of this one:
I eventually got my head wrapped around where I didn't screw up on the last one. LOL! 

I busted out my handy band saw and stand to cut the pieces out:

Then I stacked them, marked them and pilot drilled them:

After that, I cleaned up everything with a wire brush and got the first piece fit up:

I had some issues when getting to welding. This was the first time I had gotten my TIG welder running since the move. I was expecting the aluminum to weld pretty effing clean, but . . . surprise surprise surprise! No. I actually had quite a lot of issues getting welds started, and this was after wire brushing twice, cleaning with acetone and making sure I didn't touch anything with my bare hands.

Problems aside, I can't complain about this:

Notice the void:
That isn't in a critical area, so I am not worried too much about it, but it certainly is annoying to me. I've had crap cast aluminum weld handle better than this. heh

Here's the crud after a pass, before wire brushing:

 I love brushed metal finishes:

One pretty darn good run :

Everything is matching up really well thanks to good prep and a solid plan:

The tube is thick enough to not have had any bubbling on the inside:

My little setup, for now:

I need to finish this project up tomorrow. That's the plan, anyway. heh