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23 September 2012

Finished the second workbench and moved a lot of stuff around. Again.

Here's the second bench in place:

The second bench came together a LOT better. I improved on the square and plumb of the thing, and there are no gaps or anything with this one. One of the reasons why this one turned out better was that I  pre-drilled all the holes before screwing the pieces together, making sure that everything didn't pull all crazy when I put the screws in.

You may also notice that my tool box is next to the bench after I removed the upper cabinets. That should be it's permanent home.

Here's the other side after we cleaned along the wall:

Along the back wall:
The monstrous workbench that was there (with the mini-motorcycle on it) was broken down as it was too tall, too wide and blasted together with too many big framing nails.

I moved most of my stuff from the right side of the garage to the work benches:

Cleaning up the rest of the stuff:

Moving sucks, but at least we're making progress!

Due to some oopsing on my part due to a material change (getting 16' 2x4s instead of 8' or 10' sections), we have more than enough leftover 2x4s to make a third bench, though I will take a few inches off the height since I will be mounting my bandsaw stand, sander and other tools, so the working height of the bench needs to be lower to get the work at the right level.