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13 January 2012

The past two days have been weird, busy, crazy with some fun thrown in.

Firstly, my DD, a 93 Acura Legend L coupe, AKA parking target (Driver's side has serious battle scars from people who can't )(#(*$$ park) decided it would like to nearly self destruct. I was picking my mother up from work in the late afternoon on Thursday. On the way back, the engine just looses all power. It barely wants to run. Being close to home, I just nurse it back to the house. Along the last few minutes of the trip, my mother and I smell a rather nasty stench coming from my car. I pull into the driveway and park, starting my investigation by looking underneath, and I was greeted by a site I would prefer not to see on any DD car: the entire midpipe glowing bright, ready to melt orange. (*#&$! The cat puked its guts and clogged. I'll add that to the )(#$(#$ list of stuff to get done before Tuesday. (Classes start next Tuesday.)

Anywa, I am going to gank some pics from Dave, who's motorcycle I am building a header for, along with some other stuff to get it running. The hard parts are already done. Anyway, here are some pics that I've borrowed from Dave until he sends me his copies for my own purposes.

Upside down motorcycle! I am glad we mounted it this way. Everything is soo much easier to mock up when it is in plain view like this.

The collector position was decided and then everything else just started to flow:

Warning, hot beaver action ahead! Look away if you are faint of heart!

And here are a couple of crap cell phone pics from Thursday as I was prepping for heading out to the "shop" for work:

Runners marked up and ready for tacking:

The shorter pair on top are actually the 1-2 runners. They match almost perfectly in length. The longer pair are the 3-4 runners. Again, they match nicely. If I wanted to make the pipes closer in length, I could run the 3-4 pair to the upper legs of the collector and the 1-2 pair to the lower legs of the collector. I'm OK with a mis-match. This is all about experimeting! 

Now here is a picture that is really terrible and needs some explaining. 

This is looking through one of the runners on the collector, and the bright bit at the end you see is a lightbulb that I was aiming the thing out. You can see all the way out to the end of the collector! THAT is good for flow. =)