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10 January 2012

Almost final mock-up of Justin's header

Justin was looking at the pics of the header and requested that I tuck it to the pan more for ground clearance. His wish is my command . . . 

I took off the top two pie cuts, and started playing around with fitment, coming up with something about like this: 

Then I have to figure out how to fill the gap. I took some measurements . . . and got some ugly results. heh. I booger things up. I am, occasionally human, too, ya know. 

Even with it being ugly, the fit up is much more to Justin's requirements:

I don't have pics of it, but the first pie cut you see there is actually apiece from the original, largest cut in I made. It was very much larger than what was needed, so I simply cut a vertical slice out of the short side, and it fit very nicely with the rest of the downpipe and much better:

All together, it fits closer and is mostly acceptable to what I think it should do:

The one remaining serious issue to deal with is the gap on the back side:

I could, technically, just put a patch over that, but, I don't like the inherent volume increase, even on the backside. Even with the exhaust flow mostly pointed towards the outer wall, the increase in volume and  the shape of it won't be ideal for flow. I'm trying to improve the situation, not regress. heh I will stare it is some more today before making the final adjustment cuts to the header.

The last issue is covering up this gap from a wonky cut and using pieces that didn't originally match up:

That is really easy with using some scrap from previous cuts!