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05 January 2012

Justin's head, almost ready for welding!

Here we have the new downpipe almost ready. It just needs one more cut. I think. heh

In this pic, I am eyeballing the 90* and then started thinking about how the heck I am going to know it is an actual 90* bend. 

Piece of the puzzle #1:

That wasn't exactly enough, so I busted out the framer's square that is older than I am:

Now that I have a good frame (puns are awesome!) of reference, I can measure up the next cut I should make.  

Now lookey here . . . I'm not perfect. I didn't clamp the piece on the bottom of the next photo tight enough, and the blade of the band saw dug in for a spit second, the cone spun, and the blade walked off line in a surprisingly fast manner, leading to this gap:

Not to fret, I can fill that in. It's not that bad at all. =) 

And now we have a view through everything except for the "tail" of the down pipe. 

You can even see out the end! This is GOOD! Excellent, high flowing large radius bends like this are what you want when dealing with high velocity exhaust gases. All the slight ridges you see in this  pic are going to be taken care of in the final fitup before full welding happens. The remaining inconsistencies will be worked out by a combination of minor shaping with a hammer and dolly and/or clamping in the right spot to shape everything as perfectly as possible. 

Here is the result! It looks good, if I do say so myself, and I do. 

After playing with whole shebang, I took off the largest section of the down pipe and, viola! It fits better. Here are some pics of how it sits now. I will likely tweak it a bit more to get it tucked better, but, I like how it is sitting now. Justin also approves. His car isn't slammed. 

Hurray for progress! Next up will be some final adjustments to this, then set up for another projects, so I can get a whole bunch of welding done at once, likely finishing off my big 330CF bottle of argon, so I can go exchange it before I need to backpurge the stainless I'll be welding. OH YEAH!