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06 January 2012

Some more recent work, and a philosophical missive about treasuring relationships and the past.

First, onto a recent project of mine. I don't have bunches of pics for this one, but, you'll get the idea.

Take one Porsche 944 with a rusted panel that needs to be replaced:

Spend a few hours with a panel from another car, and you end up with this:

I am super happy with the fitup and how little filler will be needed to smooth everything out. The owner was also happy, which is the most important part when doing a job like this, especially on something that has to be finished.

That leads me into my philosophical missive.

I LOVE fixing stuff. I LOVE modifying stuff. Taking something that has either been passed over and neglected, or taking something normal and customizing it (usually for performance) is something I can really say I am passionate about. I think many people who find this blog from the various forums I frequent will share that feeling. 

Why am I talking about this? I was helping my grandmother with some things around the house today. She is getting on in life. She was telling me about how she grew up, getting stuck in Europe during WWII. Most of the people reading this blog will likely never have to steal food to survive or watch people killed in front of you for speaking up against a force in charge of pretty much everything in your life. Think about a whole generation of people who went through that. Then look at people of our current generation. There's a big difference, no? Most people who have been born since then in what are generally considered "developed" countries will probably never experience anything like that, and, honestly, actively avoid thinking about things so traumatic. What happens when you try to turn away from the history that made things the way they are? What is the price we pay when we give up appreciation for the heartaches and headaches those who have come before us? I think we are seeing the results of that. I don't think it is all bad, don't get me wrong. I am not romanticizing the past in any way. I like so much new technology and communication that was never possible before. I just question the lack of drive, vision, gumption and guts to get out of one's comfort zones by choice, not by force. I struggle with that a lot, myself. 


Respect your elders.
()#$(*$ get off your butt and DO SOMETHING. (As I sit here and type this. Oh, the irony!)