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06 January 2015

Tool Review Tuesday, 02: Channel Lock Welding Pliers

What is it?

Channel Lock 360 Welding Pliers

Here is mine:
What does it do? 
It facilitates many things when it comes to welding, especially splatter-tastic MIG and Fluxcore welding processes, such as cleaning nozzles, taking off stuck shields and contact tips, cutting wire/rod, light work-holding and, if I'm honest, chipping slag when I forget my chipping hammer.

How well does it do it?

EXTREMELY well. Let's take a look at some of the features that set these apart from other, cheaper and much crappier welding pliers!

 The jaws have very heavy, distinct knurling:
 This makes cleaning up this gunk:

a very quick an painless procedure!

The serrations on the contact tip grip:
 And the nozzle grip:

Are simply excellent and will last for quite a long time.

-EXCEEDINGLY excellent construction, fit and finish
-Makes fast work of pretty standard nozzle cleaning and tip changes, especially when things are HOT
-Comfortable to use
-Very strong opening spring

-Very strong opening spring (can be annoying if you have it in your pocket sometimes)
-The tip size is a bit large for smaller MIG nozzles, like most you would find on 110V MIG boxes
-Pretty beefy and might pull your pants down more than you are used to

Is it BBA (Beaver Built Approved)?