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31 December 2014

Tool Review Tuesday, 01: Jeepers Creepers mechanics cushion, by Lisle

What is it?

A padded, foldable mat made of comfy foam and easy to clean vinyl. It looks like this:

What does it do?

It keeps your knees and body protected from less than perfect and hard surfaces.

How well does it do it?

Very well! I used it while working on my mom's CRV replacing the front brakes. My knees are thanking me. The ground was wet and the driveway is gravel. It made the job much more pleasant. It is far superior to cardboard. It can be used pretty much anywhere, unlike a wheeled creeper that would cry for mercy with the less than stellar surface I usually work on.


-Reasonably priced.
-Sized well
-Easy to carry with a carrying handle on top
-Very visible
-Well constructed

-The foam is not as stiff as other pads I've used, so it might not be as comfortable (but it's more foldable and lighter)

Is it BBA (Beaver Built Approved)?