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10 January 2015

Equipment maintenence. WTF is that?

I kinda hate borrowing tools from the other shops sometimes.

I'm not going to comment on the retarded beam I'm working on, and I can't really answer any questions anyone might have a to the design of it, but, I'm required to bevel the flanges of a beam in order to weld a plate between the flanged for stiffening purposes. We have this really nifty and well made Nitto Kohki bevelling tool that can make pretty quick work of most bevelling operations up on material up to 15mm thick. If you're interested in learning more about that tool, here's a link:

Nitto Kohki HB-15B

Anyway, the tool uses six carbide inserts in a stagered arrangement on two holders for a total of 12 cutting faces. This is capable of ripping through a whole bunch of steel in a hurry. However amazing carbide is, you have to be fairly careful with it. Shocking it by slamming it into something and bouncing it shatters carbide pretty easily, which is why many times carbide tools are not usually recommended in hand operated machines. You need to feed it into the workforce smoothly but authoritatively and also keep the feed rate high. Basically, in order to keep it happy, you need to man up and give it something to do and keep it doing it. Or this happens:

 Granted, those inserts have a lot of use on  them, but those are crashed not simply worn out.

Fortunately, each insert has four cutting faces on it, so simply loosening the set screw and rotating the insert 90* leaves a fresh cutting face:
Why am I bringing this up? After I figured out how to do this, the tool was happier, it cut much faster and left an improved finish, though, that is not something we need to wiry about since the bevel will be globbed up via well on Monday.

The other shop's personal just don't take care of their stuff. It is annoying in a way that I'm always cleaning and fixing their stuff so I can use it properly, but, I have to do it anyway so I won't complain too loudly this time.

As for the retarded beam I'm fitting, here's the thing:

Figuring out how to get to that point from the horrible drawing was an exercise in head scratching between three people.

That backer bar is just for  show. We aren't (can't be) doing full penetration welds since a plate gets placed over the flange making it hard to weld along 5' inside a space that is about 11x5. Who knows why I'm fitting the backer bar, but I'm not the engineer. *shakes head*