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01 May 2012

Mike's frame

I actually got this work done . . . dang, a couple of weekends ago. I mostly detabbed some of the extra bits that Mike no longer needs, cleaned up some of the stock welds and welded the front forks around where they joined as I think that looks a whole lot better and should help strengthen and stiff the front up a bit over the factory plug welds.

The previous owner left this nice surprise:

That hole was actually filled with body filler and it looked pretty darn convincing from the outside. I am going to back the hole with some tubing that will slip fit inside then weld it closed and smooth it out. You won't ever be able to tell there was a hole there. 

Tricky bits to get to with a grinder, but I did it:

Right side completely smooth and left side ready for some flap disc lovin!

I also came up with the plan for the seat pan. I am actually going to be doing it in two parts, in order to provide for stiffness and flexibility since I will have to modify the design for the rear as Mike just got me the rear hoop and I will weld that in place before making any final calls on how the rear of the seat is going to look.

Battery tray plans: