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19 May 2012

Due to my injury yesterday, I slept in and had a lazy beginning to my day in my apartment. During the night my cut knit together well. I think the scaring, if any, will be minimal Yay!

I finally got up and out in the afternoon and proceeded to get busy!

Here is a look at the right side of the tail of the frame and the hoop I was working on yesterday:

I shortened up the extra length until the frame rails matched up as closely as I could make them without having something along the lines of a ring roller to correct the radius. What's a fellow to do? Well, with a bandsaw, extra material from the legs I cut down and a welder, there isn't much I can't do!

I sliced a short section of the tube in half and then formed it around the tubing using my handy vise and hammer:

Here is what I ended up with:

The other half I actually squished down until it fit on the inside of the fram rail, then tapped it into place thusly:

Since I had a severe lack of assistants floating around (because I am knee deep in assistants usually. HAH!), I had to use what is left of my brain to hold the hoop in place. When that was shown to be futile due to the fact that brains are squishy and not very good at adhering metal together against the forces of gravity, I found a ratchet strap and used it to lock the hoop into place:

The zip ties are there to keep the strap from slipping off the sides and dropping the hoop as I tapped it into place with the hammer for the next phase of global domi . . . working on Mike's frame. 

The next picture is a bit blurry, but you can clearly see the frame is not exactly round and not lined up as well as I would like:

Here is what I use the other half of the tube I cut up for:

That should fill the gap nicely! I trimmed pieces down and fit them up better, tacked everything into place and then started a lot of welding:

As you can see, I basically covered everything in weld building everything up as smoothly as possible:

It took a while to weld all that in, but I think I did a really decent job! It took about 5 whole minutes with a flap disc to clean it up and get it to look like this:

Not too shabby at all!

I even managed to keep the hoop pretty dead flat with the rest of the frame! 

That is going to make finishing the measurements and eventually the fitup for the seat pan very easy. I like easy, at least when it works. LOL!

Oh! And one last thing:

What hole? Doesn't look like there was every a hole there. =)