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05 September 2014

The Fit Fit update: Dashmat installed, initial review

Sure, a lot of people think of the 70's and velour when you mention most sort of dash coverings, but, in the case of my Fit, there is a huge amount of glare from the mile wide dash. I guess I'm sitting at the perfect height to have the sun bounce off the dash, reflect off the inside of the windshield and the smack my retinas with a 2x4. It is just one of those unhappy coincidences that seem to happen more often with how cars are shaped these days.

That being said, I took a chance on a dash cover from DashMat. It took a while to arrive, which was noted at the time the order was placed. I took it out of the box and laid it flat overnight, as was recommended. First impressions were that it looks good! The edging is well done, being consistent all the way around. The material is rather handsome with a subtle pattern.

I cleaned my dash off with a Simple Green solution and got to laying out the thing on the dash.

It honestly didn't take much fiddling to get it to lay well.

My only complaint is where it covers the gage pod:

I forgot to get a close up, but you might be able to see that the edging pops up a bit. That seems to be because the edging isn't "finished" on the inside, so the material past the stitching is frayed, pushing the edging up a bit. That might relax after a bit. We'll see.

Now I'm sure you're wondering if it was worth it? Yes! There is no more glare on the inside of the windscreen except from the defrost vents, but that is so low, it isn't a bother at all. I'm going to also state that I actually like the look quite a bit! The quilting and edging are gid looking, at least to me. My only cosmetic complaint is that the "hatch" for the passenger air bag is there. Since I can't do anything about that and the edges appear good, I can live with the compromise.

Overall, I like it. It works for what I need it to do and is good looking doing it. Yay!