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04 September 2014

Something very improbable, nigh on impossible, happened.

Those of you who have known me the longest have likely heard my comments and complaints about my grandmother's distaste for cars sitting in the driveway. (I live at home with the rest of my family currently in the house that is owned by my grandmother.)

Due to a lot of things coalescing, this happened yesterday:

It is definitely not permanent, but I'm going to take advantage of it while it is there. I like the fact that even though it is in the garage, it is small enough to actually work around, not that I need to do much on the sides for simply swapping the engine.

In other news, my Legend is going away. A friend is going to take it off my hands, thankfully. I'll be swapping the tires between my Fit and the Legend, grabbing the head unit which might actually find its way into my CRX and making sure I don't forget anything personal in the car before it gets picked up and delivered to Oklahoma. This will take place without any money changing hands, and it will save me a good chunk of money in insurance and registration fees, so I'm happy to let it go like this. It's better than simply junking it or donating it for a tax break.

I'm sad to have to let it go. Starting it up and driving it around the block a little really makes me sad. It sounds so amazing. It's wonderful to have a car with real torque. Lol! Maybe I'll find another one in the future. Who knows.