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27 August 2014

Simple fix on the yard switcher at work.

Here's a simple fix to a minor annoyance to the yard switcher (used for moving trailers around in the yard without needing a full on "tractor trailer):

 That tread plate has been cracked for months. I had some time to fill, do I ground out the crack, turned my welder down as low as I dared with the thick flux core wire we use and slowly welded it back together after clamping it back into place and knocking things around with a hammer. Nothing complicated, but a useful way to spend my time.

Here's a bad picture of the rest of the switcher:
While being technically road legal (not this one, but in general), it is really just meant for efficient shuffling of trailers in a trailer yard. The rear has a hydraulic lift built in to the shoe that locks onto the trailer pin, so instead of having to lock on then get out and raise the landing legs if the trailer, you simply push on a lever and the trailer is raised enough to clear the ground. This saves a lot of time and effort.

That's all for now. :)