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30 January 2016

Funk-y Fresh Fab: Dash Mount Finishing and Added Roll Cage Bar

Back at catching up on the blog!

One thing that I really don't like about the 1G/3G is the header panel, but I think this pic just looks cool:

When I was welding the dash bases, the cross piece warped, as is pretty usual with aluminum. this is a really easy fix with a vise and some screwdrivers, though:
 You have to compress the metal farther than flat because of springback, so you'll have to play with it to get it back to flat:


In order to fit the dash in, the bottom of the brake master cylinder reservoir holders:

Line up the holes and mark the line to trim:


 Getting everything else lined up for final welding:

It took a little bit of figuring out how to get everything lined up at the correct depths:

Not too shabby:

 From there it is a pretty simple matter to weld the mounts to the cage:

And there we have the dash mounted in:
 It just looks so rad!

Next up is adding in a low, horizontal support bar, which is conspicuously missing:

I am really happy with the fitup:

 You'll have to look closely, but I slightly chamfered the edges to provide more room for the weld to bite into the base metal:

Ah, the fun of working on an already caged car! The next two pics I took with me being scrunched up and upside down to weld in the bar:

 Totally uncomfortable.

I wanted to tie in the center of the bar to the chassis, so I worked on bending up a plate around a section of the leftover tube I used for the horizontal support:

Here's what I was aiming for:

Zap zap zap:

The hope for this bar and the tie in is that if there is a hard side impact, the main hoop will be much better supported and prevented from caving in, and since the seat is mounted to part of the cage, this will keep the driver's cell more intact and the driver safer!

That's it for this update!

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