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28 December 2014

1G CRX Race Car Aluminum Rear Bumper Support Fabrication

I have no idea why, but the photos I took with my phone got saved in an odd spot, but I found them, so here we go!

This is the stock steel bumper support:
 It is pretty well made, solid and darn heavy.

The legs unbolt from the cross bar. I actually like the simplicity of how the stock parts fit together! It makes taking the stock stuff apart very easy.

Here is one of the legs and the new 1/4" thick aluminum baseplate next to each other:
 It was really easy to get the hole centers from the base plate and drill them to match.

The 2"x3" aluminum box tube fits into the rear bumper cover very well:
 As you might notice, the aluminum cross bar is shorter, further decreasing the weight of the bumper cover support! I have a few more tricks up my sleeve for lightening the whole assembly without loosing any of the strength and rigidity of the whole assembly.

Here I am in the process of laying out where to weld the extensions to the main cross bar and the baseplates.
The longest part of the project up to this point was to figure out how long to make the extensions and where to weld them. I had tacked them on then went to fit it to the rear of the car and somehow fudged the math up by two inches. I know now what I did wrong, but, well, it was pretty embarrassingly simple. Once I figured out where the supports were supposed to go, I re-tacked them and that was that for the day, as I had to skedaddle back home. I'll be boxing in and welding up the rest of the bumper support soon, as well as adding two upper supports for the top of the bumper cover, just like the stock cross beam has. Look forward to more updates in the new year! =)