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09 October 2014

What did the Beave find in the basement?

This sounds like a really bad reality TV show, and, well, it kinda is. So, what is all this nonsense about? Long time readers will recall this post from way too long ago:

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Pretty much the basement has sat in that state since last year. It is well past time to do something about that, and so I am actually doing something about that.

I started off by simply shifting all the crap on top of the old, but loose, boards from the former benchtop to various other horizontal surfaces:
 Then I started ripping more out:
 I'm surprised to find that the bench was built using previously burned wood:
Why someone in the past did that, I have no idea, other than the wood was either dirt cheap or salvaged for free fitty!

So what WAS found in the basement? I'll show you!

Do you need to do some laundry? Well, I have this fine washboard for you!

 It even saves soap! It says so right on the front!

The other side has a different pattern:
 I don't know the particulars of the functional differences in the sides. I've never used a washboard and have only seen used to make music.

Here's a fine US made Craftsman axe head:

I'm not sure why, but I do love older toolboxes:

 Here's another really good quality US made Craftsman tool:

I really love the handle on this saw:
 It has been well used, as it is dull as dog plop, but it sure feels good and is well made. Look at the big brass rivets:

Even the front of the blade is detailed!

I really like the flourishes on this handle!

This is one hefty Rigid pipe wrench:
 I know the trend is lighter, larger wrenches (aluminum bodies with steel teeth), but I LOVE the feel of a solid forged steel tool in my hands. Here are a few more smaller pipe wrenches, all US made:
I think the three on the right are much older. New wrenches don't seem to have the spring mechanisms for the tilt-to-lock action. I like the older style, even if the newer ones work fine.

And that's what the Beave found in the basement today!