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06 October 2014

New TIG box arrived! Everlast 200DX/DV

I arrived home to find the box sitting on the stoop! I was actually so excited to get home to see it I forgot my welding gear at work . . . I do have a cheap helmet at home, but . . . I'd rather not use that with an inverter TIG as it doesn't seem to detect the arc well at lower amperages, where I would be welding with the machine hooked up to 110V input.

Anyway, on to the unboxing pics!

 The box arrived intact! The packing is good, too.

First shocker, the the cover of the "deluxe" footpedal had popped off in transit. That wasn't super cool, but, it popped back on easily. And look, ma! No Lurch pedal:

 It is pretty sleek compared tot he "budget" model. It is NOT smooth actuating, though. I'll give a review of this when I can actually get into using the sucker.

All the connections are really decent quality:
 Good shock:
 The "deluxe" torch even comes with a zippered cloth cover! THAT is good stuff. The torch itself seems to be made pretty well and the switch is decent, too. I actually like the thumb switch for tacking things together.

The VERY important 220-110 adapter:
 Even the ground clamp is pretty decent:
 Heck, I think the regulator looks halfway decent. We will see!

After pulling the welder out and checking for damage, I came across this red stuff:
 It seems suspiciously like RTV. *shrugs*

Here's the box itself:
 I LIKE the flat black handle over the shiny one on my previous 250EX. The box is noticeably lighter.

I like the new front panel and cover layout:
 All the knobs and switches are smooth and clickey.

The back of the box is pretty plain, just the necessities:

Another change that I REALLY like is that they now use a real fitting for the gas inlet, not a hokey barb fitting that sticks out way too far:

I at least got to power it up!

Here it is sitting at the low DC output:
 Low AC output:

It automatically senses the input voltage and on 110V, limits the upper end:

And that is about it so far. I'm sure you will be seeing more of this during the coming week and weekend. =)