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01 October 2014

Steve's CRX cage install: Grrrrrrr . . .

I'm not exactly happy with the company (S&W) that bent up this cage. If you remember, last time Steve and I were having some issues figuring out how the heck the middle cross brace tubes are supposed to fit. Steve called them up and from what he related to me of the conversation he had, we're just SOL. There is no way for those tubes to fit as coped with the cross brace being bent as it is. Again, I'm not particularly happy about this or the fact they have no vehicle specific help/pictures/anything. Meh.

Anyway, I did do some work. I didn't take many pics, but here's what I do have:

That's me putting a bevel on the ends of the cross brace tube. Leveling the edge can give you a stronger weld by allowing better penetration. Done incorrectly, and you'll get a weaker joint if the weld isn't made in a manner to allow for enough material to be added to add strength to the joint. On thinner tube like this, it isn't likely that will happen, but it is something to be aware of, so don't go too crazy beveling everything.

Then some TV magic happens and I just so happen to have this one in the oven:

Honestly, the fit wasn't really great. I managed to deal with it, but the bends on the cross bar were about 5* too much. The "inside" of the cross bar had a pretty large gap, which is solidly welded up, but is have preferred a better fit so I could just do one pass and not put so much heat into the joint.

Meh. It's together, pretty level with the top of the main hoop and it is where it needs to be.

That's pretty much it, except I had to deal with this boot thief:

As you can see, he was punished thoroughly! I still don't know why anyone would want to steal my work boots. Ew.