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15 July 2013

I drove my CRX to work today!

So yesterday I was looking over my CRX to see what I could find that would cause all the shimmy and shake. I didn't see anything terribly obvious. Until I went to change my wheels . . . I forgot to torque the lug nuts. DOH! Fortunately, nothing was ruined except my pride. I still out the other set of rims and tires on, as I had them out, at least on the front. I bombed around town for a while, eventually taking sine of the fun roads that weren't too heavily occupied on late Sunday afternoon. Holy crud!  I forgot how much fun it is to drive abs I also forgot how good the ZC transmission is!

I've been keeping a close eye on the fluids. I'm not losing or burning any oil. I'm losing a very small amount of coolant from a leaky hose, so that is fine for the moment. Everything else seems to be in good working order except I do need to get some stock spark plugs and also replace the valve cover grommets and spark plug tube seals, as they seem to be seeping a little bit.

The drive in to work was pleasantly uneventful, though the cluster lights need to be hooked up better since they blink on and off with bumps. Aside  from expansion joints on the highway, it even rides well and tracks straight. You certainly can't be lazy with it, though, but I do love it! :)