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14 July 2013

I drove my CRX home today!

Though, by the time I post this, it is likely to actually be yesterday! (It actually was yesterday. I fell asleep while typing this. hah!

First and amusing aside:
 Krazy Glue is made in Japan. Shouldn't it be Klazy Grue? hah!

These also came in the mail, and I'll be installing them soon:
 They are really well made, Streetwires brand. They are heavy, well made and I like the covers that come with them.

I had to zip tie my license plate in place:
 The stock mounting  points are ripped to shreds, so I'll make a bracket and stick it on bumper soon enough.

Here is a portent of things to come:
 I just have to figure out how to mount the adapter and the NRG hub that I bought with the steering wheel a couple years back. Man . . . that thing feels soooo good in your hands. I've honestly only handled a few genuine MOMO steering wheels, and they have all felt so fantastic. I'm glad that I'll be rocking one soon in my CRX!

So anyway, if you don't bother reading this because there aren't many pictures, fine, but I'll tell the tale of the first significant drive I've made with my CRX in 7 years.

On Friday, the letter of reinstatement came from the county clerk's office that was causing my license issues! YAY!I made plans with my dad to head out to the garage after work. I worked until 12:30, and my dad came to pick me up shortly after. We stopped for lunch at BoogerFling and checked the air filter selection at the RetreatAuto next to the BoogerFling. It is really frustrating that none of the normally stocked air filters are all for 3" intake tubes and up. I didn't buy a filter there.

We drove out to the garage (it takes a while from where I work) via Pep Boyz, where I spent at least half an hour wandering between departments figuring out how best to mate up a 3" inlet filter to my properly sized 2.5" intake tube. This is what I ended up with:

I don't have fender liners, so, for now, I'll be running a short ram, even if it isn't going to make maximum powah! I figured some of you would pester me about that. Yes, I know all the downsides to not running the filter into the fenderwell, but we've been getting hugely massive amounts of rain this year, and driving too and from work involves some deep puddling that I do not wish to have to deal with as a hydrolocked engine. Besides, the engine pulls well enough just as it is. =)

Anyway, that is a 2.5" eBay intake tube with a 2.5" to 3" coupling stretched around the bigger half of 3"OD-3"ID exhaust adapter into a 3" Specter (don't get me started, the only K&N filters they had were way too large to fit there) oiled clothe filter. It sounds decent and filters decently.

I also used a cheap strap to tie down the battery I'm currently borrowing. I'll have to neaten up my wideband wiring, also. heh But, for now, it works. I can't complain about that. I'll eventually source a correctly sized K&N filter with a nice radius on the inlet and that will be that until I reinstall my turbo crap.

So, after getting a drink and snack for the drive home (I had no idea if I would be stranded at the side of the road or if a meteor would fall from the heavens and smite my CRX with me inside), my dad followed me as I hit the highway for the first time in seven long years. How did it go? Well, the tires are shot. LOL! They cause a the steering wheel to shake like Shakira at a concert. I am sure they are flatspotted from sitting for years in the same place. I have another set of rims and tires that I'll throw on for now. I'll still likely end up ordering a set of RE-11a from tirerack.com in a couple of weeks, so I just need stuff to get me by until then. I have a few longer distance trips that I need to make sure the suspension is up to the task for.

BUT! It made it. It didn't overheat. The transmission shifted fine. (I have a sloppy linkage I'll need to fix.) And holy crap, a stock DOHC ZC transmission is sooooo much better than an Si transmission it isn't funny, even just tooling around. Even the small difference in the 1-2 shift you can feel. It just keeps the engine happier! I can't wait to hybridize it. MUAHAHAHAHA! The brakes are binding a tad. Sure, they are brand new, but they have been sitting for years in a box on a shelf. I'm going to pop the calipers off, re-clean the pins and hardware and re-grease everything again and see if that helps when I test drive it around again later today. I'm sure that's all it needs. It was improving as I drove more, especially when I hit local roads after the long highway stretch on the trip, so I am sure that with some cleaning and care, everything should take care of itself.

I also have some play in the passenger side front. I don't think it is the wheel bearing, but I know that the ball joints are pretty hammered. I'll be rebuilding the EX knuckles I have ASAP to take care of all of this. I'm looking forward to the larger rotors (without being ridiculous) up front, especially since Wilwood has released a direct fit 4-piston caliper for Hondas and Acuras with the factory 262mm (10.3") diameter rotors:   I'm really excited about those, as I really don't need 11" rotors and the additional weight. The factory 262mm setup is the perfect upgrade without adding expense or complexity! Simple and effective, and the Wilwood setup isn't even horribly priced! Check it out: Click this link and scroll down to DPHA kits! I'll be getting different rotors, though, because I prefer Centric e-coated units to prevent all that rusty mess from happening that you get with regular rotors.

So, aside from some known issues, everything worked pretty darn well. I'll likely have some reports later today as I'll be changing rims this afternoon and maybe making some datalogging runs to tweak the tune. Yay!