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12 June 2012

Seat Pan, Part 1.

Yesterday was quietly productive. Well, mostly quietly. I did make some noise with the band saw and hammer, but that wasn't too much time during the day. 

A lot of the technique I used was exactly the same as making the battery tray. I didn't take a whole lof of pictures, just a few to highlight things.

I love it when layout reflects "reality!" It really helps reinforce that your part is going to fit when you can take your template and have the layout lines fit this nicely:

This piece is only slightly more complicated than the battery tray, since the sides to be folded increase in width as they mover towards the furthest end:

I think I've got my technique down:

Yes, that's a dark picture as I was intentionally trying to capture any light coming through the frame tubes, and since there isn't any you can really tell, that's good fitment!

All trimmed up and ready to bend:

Basic shape of the seat:

Note the slight rise towards the top to clear the lip on the tank, and how the slanted front edge just clears the lip, too. 

Top view:

Here's the layout for the front seat support:

I made a couple last minute tweaks to the measurement and it fits extremely well:

Every once in a while, you'll need to tweak a weld on the frames:

 Don't default to a grinder! Sometimes a hand file is more effective and being precise.

Detail of why the front edge needed to slope back:

I still have some more bending to do as you can see here:

This is basically what the whole thing is going to look like, minus the gap on the seat pan to frame rail:

I cleaned up and got ready for the most challenging part of this build! Dun dun DAAAAAAH!


Today is going to be challenging in all the best ways possible!