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15 June 2012

Blech. I dislike transverse mounted V6s. Especially Chryslers.

Let's start with the obvious: No start, low compression. Why? Oh, maybe because a valve stem is poking through a rocker?

W . . . T . . . F . . . Evidently this is not rare. Brilliant, Chrysler. F U!

Blech. What a mess this is.

I'm very concerned because both sets of rockers, front and rear, get progressively worse farther from the belts, and this could be part of the reason:

That's just one screwdriver full of gunk. I don't want to know what the bottom end looks like . . . I am going to have to clean up everything I can and then do something about the rest of the junk. I may just idle it with ATF for a while then change the oil immediately. Dangerous, but, I think that it is entirely warranted in this case, as I don't think the engine will last much longer with the current amount of neglect showing. 

Here are the rockers on the front side from right to left:

My other huge concern is the valve stems. I don't like what I see. Again, these are right to left and I think I skipped one:

This one is really uneven on the top:

I really detest working on this engine in this vehicle. Everything is designed poorly. Nothing makes sense. Everything seems to be at just the wrong place to either cut up my forearms or make it difficult to take anything out. I'm mostly just whining now. Stuff needs to get done. It will get done. Or, the thing is getting sold as is probably to a junk yard.