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07 February 2016

Funk-y Fresh Fab: Radiator and Oil Cooler Mounting

For the readers of the blog, an explanation: We're now getting towards the part of the build that is a bit frenzied, so, there were times I didn't capture a lot of things. There's still a bunch of pics, but, well, stuff had to get done and I didn't take the time to take pics of everything. Anyway, back to the stuff you actually want to see and read about:

Here's the radiator sitting mostly in place:

I trimmed the bottom of the rad support to recess the radiator lower:

There isn't a whole lot of room in front of the engine in this chassis:
"EF" guys should STFU about trying to fit turbos and headers in 2G/4Gs . . .

I think this is a pretty clever bit:

Since the custom radiator was made to fit in the stock mounts, I just took the cups for the stock rubber mounts and welded them with a spacer to get the proper height:

MIG makes stuff like this so much easier!

I skipped a bit here, but, I decided that the best way to mount the oil cooler was to add some aluminum angle to the side of the radiator and bolt it to that:

Measuring, marking, drilling"

Cleaning, clamping, and welding prep:

And there we have it!

It even fits so far!

I almost forgot to snap pics of the top mounts, which is just a slight variation of the stock type:

Here it is in all its naked glory:

Another view of the stuff I added to the side:

Another view of the engine side of the top mounts:

Oil cooler bolted on:

Side view of how everything is fitting:

Maximal header clearance:

I love those copper nuts for exhausts!

Did you think I was going to hang an oil cooler unsupported from the side of an aluminum radiator?

I even glued on some rubber to help dampen vibrations:

The thing is that I oopsed the side I glued the rubber on, so I had to make another bracket:

Here's how I fit the bracket to the cooler:

The main parts of the cooling system are complete:

I REALLY like how this turned out!

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