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22 May 2013

Project Lazarus: Goodbye booster, hello new brakes!

Quick update as I am bone tired. I got brake work done today. Pics:

I should sell this perfect part! Nothing wrong with it at all, just a little wear and tear. Right?

This is the first time I have jacked up my CRX in 7 years.

Everything came apart due to generous and through use of anti-seize!

Eight year old Falken Azenii, still holding air after all this time:
Those are Rota C8s, my first set of aftermarket rims. In dreamland, I would have a set of silver SSX Type-X in 15x7, but that is not very likely to ever happen.

Stock, stock stock stock stock stock stock, not stock! (The SS braided brake lines are not stock. Duh.)

Yes, I know, those chips in the crank pulley are horrid:
I will be rectifying that shortly.

Even though the pads on the car are still meaty, I am not going to use them since they have been sitting next to rust rotors for way too long:
And now I also do not recommend using anti-sieze, or at least normal grey anti-seize on brake stuff. I've learned a few things since then . . .

Perfectly good stock rotors!
$85 each plus shipping! Buy now!

Everything apart that needs to be apart:

The rotor did need some help coming off the hub with this:

And this:
I am slightly annoyed that my new rotors don't have those threaded holes which make taking the rotor off when it is stuck so much easier. Oh well. I am not sure these will be on long enough for it to really matter. Also, I coat the back inside of the rotor with anti-seize to prevent that from happening again.

Ugh. Red pads are so dumb:

New, new, new new new, old:

I've always loved the nuclear fallout shelter triangles on calipers! LOL!