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19 May 2013

Project Lazarus: Brake booster replacement is done.

So here is where we left off last week:

 Ugly as sin and waiting.

This is the last time this was on the road:
 It sure has been a while.

Let us pop the hood and get working!

 This is the object of our attention today:

 First things first: taking off the steering wheel:
 I know it isn't strictly necessary to take off the dash, but I know I've had rodents in the car and wanted to check on the condition of the wiring and to see if there was any other damage anywhere.

Here is my cheap boost gauge:
 It always worked and even if it is pretty ugly, having one is better than not having one. I bet you also love my high-class mounting of the gauge, too, right?

I thought this thing had more miles on it than this. Not that it even matters at this point.

Here is the wiring I did when I modded the gauge cluster to run blue LEDs:
 I happen to love blue LEDs for non-critical lighting. heh I think that might be the only ricer tendency I have.

More awesome mounting of things:

 HVAC control:
 I just have the diverter locked at full hot. I don't ever need to change it. I may eventually do the 90-93 Accord control swap. It looks rather snazzy and doesn't crack to pieces like the CR unit does (and did in my car).

Here is my favorite steering wheel mod:
 That is my custom horn button. Ugly as sin, but I think that not having to take your hand off the wheel to use the horn is essential for driving in and around the greater NYC Metro area.

This is likely the most important part of the car:
 I ALWAYS know where my Brain is. Yes, I have fuzzy dice. I have to eventually get a new, non-sun faded set, but the Pinky and Brain will always be hung off the mirror.

Another peak at the LED:
 One of these days I will make a custom gauge cluster using LED lighting in a much more efficient manner, but for now, it works and looks cool. heh

Here is another essential mod:
 The tape residue is from the electrical tape I used to block the seat belt light from blinking for years. I was lazy and didn't fix the seat belt plug. heh

More wiring:
 A different view of the LEDs:

Cluster out:

After some wrangling, the Dash is out:

This is for Ron:
 That is how I triangulated the the pedal assembly because of my overly stiff clutch. However, it isn't done exactly right as it blocks the 4th bolt of booster. Not perfect, but, well, I am not worrying about it now. (Or ever.)

After spending some time on my back under the dash:

This thing is perfect:
 I am crazy for replacing it?

A lot of road grime behind the booster, but the seal actually really works!

I painted the booster, as I detested the grey crap finish on the booster, so I painted it:

 The finish isn't great as it was super humid and I did minimal prep, but it looks way better than before!


New with the new MC:

That new reservoir is HUGE!

I'm being pick, but I don't like the bands on the reservoir:

The stock one is wider over a larger part of the circumference

I adjusted the rod to the same length as the stock one, though, it isn't the exactly correct way to do it, but we'll see what happens when I drive the sucker:
I cleaned the original gasket, too.

Here is what it looks like installed:
WOW! That looks like it will clear a lot more space for my Edelbrock manifold.

 Now one to some other stuff!

I don't remember why I blocked off this section on the air diverter:

Does anyone know a good replacement for all the foam surrounds on the outlets?

I couldn't find my brake bleeder kit, so I picked up these to "bench" bleed the master: 

For years I never had the cover on my gauge cluster. DON'T do that. The plast doesn't like UV exposure:

Oh well. I do have something to fix this after I get my car back up and running. And, as usual, I'll be "upgrading" as I fix things. heh