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13 October 2012

Finished the third workbench!

Today was a darned productive day. Here is the highlight of today's work!

I finished the middle support section of the worktable and then flipped the top upright to start assembling the base: 

I had to make this spacer to spread the legs to the correct distance:

After taking things apart and fiddling for a while, I manages to make everything line up pretty darn well:

A little while later, I screwed on the top:

And yes, I pre-drilled every single hole on the whole top:

That was a lot of screwing. LOL!

Wait! Where did it go?

Oh! Here it is:

It will take me some time for me to figure out exactly where to put everything, but I think the basic layout you see of the four machines will stay about the same.

It is finally starting to look organized and not like a completely cluttered mess!

Just a few more things and I'll finally be able to "settle" a bit and not have to freak out trying to find stuff. I love it!